The HP Intelligence Centre provides Financial Services Institutions with the capability to rapidly deploy enterprise wide business intelligence systems to support operational decision making, solve risk and compliance challenges such like Basel II/III, Solvency II, Enterprise Risk Management, KYC, Mifid, AML, SOX etc.

The HP Intelligence Centre works with existing transaction systems and data warehouses to create an integrated information resource. With HP Intelligence Center, unique business information maps interconnect transaction data and project it onto key business processes. Customers can perform multi-dimensional analysis to gain a holistic view of your organizations portfolio, customers, risk/governance/compliance, and business performance.

The HP Intelligence Centre integrates business and risk information (risk intelligence) what allows risk-weighted decisions, addressing such issues as best allocation of economic capital.As well, Customers gets an integrated view of customers, products, channels and business events, which helps build a better understanding of customers and business performance and profitability.

HP Intelligence Centre is developed by bankers and insurance domain experts and provides ready to deploy enterprise wide data organization model (physical datamodel). Solution is open to use by customer selected technologies for etl, reporting and analytics. HP Intelligence Centre uses modular implementation approach, providing the first results in 2-3 month.

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CLAYTON EURO RISK provides risk analysis, loss mitigation and operational solutions to the mortgage industry. Claytons clients are the leading investment & commercial banks, institutional investors, government agencies and service providers.

Clayton provides:

        Loan and portfolio review - to understand loan-level risks when buying, selling or managing portfolios

        Stuffing resource - to manage volume spikes in operations with variable cost professionals

        Consulting - that improves business processes, ensure regulatory compliance, manage operational risks, identify problems and implement plans to fix them

        Special serving oversight - Overseeing appointed services, Loan servicing on delinquent non-performing assets; mitigating losses and transforming them into cash-flow

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Relational Technology SA is an international software developer and integrator with offices in 6 European countries and a client base all over Europe and Northern Africa. Relational have a significant number (over 300) of corporate customers in Government and almost all industries (Banking, Retail and Telecoms). Especially in Banking there are over 50.000 users using Relationals mission critical applications.

Loan origination: I-Apply is an integrated and mature loan origination and processing system for banks and lending organizations, with many large banking customers around Europe and thousands of on-line users. It supports multiple financial products, standard interfaces to numerous core banking systems, including FlexCube, Globus,Finacle, etc, multiple internet and mobile access channels and many different credit bureaus. I-Apply is language and location-aware, works in multinational banks, provides internal or external application scoring and incorporates strong document management functionality. More about I-Apply...

Transaction Reconciliation: i-Reconcile is an extremely stable and reliable system to support the daily reconciliation of transactions between different banking systems that manage same or similar data, i.e. core banking (i.e.FlexCube, SAP or T24), ERP (i.e. SAP, MS Dynamics), web banking, card systems, etc.

Branch automation: OptiBank ensures a faster and simpler servicing experience in bank salons for both customers and employees.  It is an optimized environment for banking customer servicing, offering an ergonomic interface and optimum use of external technical devices: printers, scanners (applying OCR technology for ID documents), card readers, touch-sensitive screens, digital pens.  OptiBank design is based on a detailed analysis of all processes involved in customer service.  It provides a standard interface and can be integrated with any external banking system. More important - OptiBank empowers creation of unique business services and products.

Collections and Recoveries: AroTRONis the most comprehensive solution for streamlined, customer-centric collections management, covering all stages of a customer lifecycle.  AroTRON™ Rule-Engine is used to produce triggers at early stages, to impose Pre-collection (proactive) Customer Card, aiming to convert risk to opportunity.  AroTRON™ Telemarketing and Lead Management pipelines customers out of collections for efficient on the spot cross-selling.  Throughout the basic collections phase, where minimization of roll-outs is of critical importance, AroTRON™ makes full use of advanced productivity features, such as Workflow Engine and Prioritized Work Queues, integrated with low-cost channels such as SMS, e-mail and telephony platform (with predictive dialer capabilities).

Enterprise Performance Management, Budgeting and Planning: Intelligent Financial Cube closes the gap between strategy and execution by cascading corporate goals down into department-relevant metrics while ensuring accountability, enabling trusted reporting and analysis and streamlining execution of strategy-guided and risk-aware plans.  Business users benefit from more precision, faster time to value and a new user experience.

Business Rules Management: VisualExpressions is a system that allows organizations with complex workflows to adapt to changing business needs timely and cost effectively.  Instead of laborious programming by IT personnel, applications are built by the end-users by adjusting visually the rules that combine predefined components.   It provides a layer of flexibility to your information systems and your organization and allows your IT infrastructure to map and adjust to your internal business policies. 

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KnowCo supports financial institutions in meeting the increasing demands of regulations imposed by supervisors, as effectively, proportionately and efficiently as possible. KnowCo also helps them extract the maximum business benefit possible in the context of risk management and mitigation. Company's team of professionals has a long track record of achievement in this field.

KnowCo have helped institutions consolidate their work on liquidity and credit risk management, including drafting Risk Management policies, Compliance policies, ICAAP and ILAA, and defining credit risk assessment and target market models. We have also helped institutions move their existing stress testing (typically spreadsheet-based) to a more flexible, robust and secure production environment.

KnowCo applications are designed in a manner which is compliant with regulatory requirements and internationally-recognised good practice.

The KnowCo Stress Testing (KST) application supports in stress-testing and reverse stress-testing, in the areas of liquidity risk, credit risk capital stress-testing, interest rate risk and business plan formulation.

The KnowCo Funds Transfer Pricing (KFTP) application enables to more actively manage the firm's liquidity risk39; profile over time by adjusting interest rates per currency, per portfolio and per time bucket to optimise future liquidity gaps.

The KnowCo Reporting Services (KRS) application helps monitor liquidity, concentration, credit and interest rate risk through dashboards and drill-down reports for Basel III LCR and NSFR metrics, risk appetite and tolerance monitoring, liquidity gaps and credit risk capital reports.

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